Why is LEPC filing is so important?

We often take for granted that a number of the chemicals, solvents, and other substances used every day in industry, farming, household cleaning, and even for purifying our drinking water can pose a potential hazard. When used properly, and stored safely, we seldom hear of a problem. However, accidents, fires and unforeseen circumstances do happen.

That's why the storage, handling, dispensing and use of hazardous materials and substances in Anderson County is something that everyone should take seriously. These materials (and substances) have the potential for creating a dangerous situation that could adversely affect the health, safety and general welfare of the citizens of our County when those unforeseen circumstances do happen.
It is important to identify those facilities that pose a significant risk to the community. This is why LEPC filing is so important. Without the information about these materials on file, a potentially life threatening situation could occur, not just for first responders, but to the public at large. In the event of a hazardous substances emergency, it is imperative for the safety and well being of all, to provide an effective planed response which specifically addresses the particular hazardous substance or substances being released.

Filing this information is vital, and failure to file this information, and pay the required fee, can result in severe fines and penalties.
Your cooperation and participation, not only protects our community, it provides and added level of safety to you, or your business. When it comes to hazardous materials in our County, there is"safety in knowledge."

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